Sailor's Dilemma
A Novel

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Cover of Sailor's Dilemma

Sailor's Dilemma

David Q Lake

A Novel about
Sailing in The Caribbean,
Adventure, and about love.


The fantasy is pretty common. Leave the rat race, move on to a small boat, and sail through blue-green water. Relax on a sandy beach in the shade of a coconut palm. Maybe a romantic encounter with someone in The Islands. Drift through the Caribbean from island to island. An adventure with a new lover.

Following his dream of sailing the Caribbean, Duncan Fitzroy expected a storm or two, but he didn't expect thugs with guns to be part of the adventure. Neither did he expect to end up with two lovers. Duncan and the two women must solve the mystery of who is trying to kill them and how the killers always find them. They had better figure it out soon if they are to stay alive. The three amateur detectives are way out of their league.  

An excerpt:
        Sailing that night, no moon and the stars so vivid, exhilarated me. The sea was black, almost invisible, giving the feeling that we were floating amongst the stars, rocked by an unknown hand like a mother rocking the cradle of the child she cherishes. The rise and fall with each swell, gently rolling, with the sound of the water swishing under the hull, the rhythmic movement, the stars shimmering, and no sign of other humanity brought a mind state unavailable on land. A mind state somewhere between complete peace and subtle power. We were riding the wind. Not controlling it, not capturing it, just catching a little corner of it, and going where we wanted to go. It was magic.

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